Vape Store in Metro-Birmingham, AL! High Average Daily Traffic Count of 32,450!

Net profit is over $7,600 per month AFTER paying $3,460 in Owner/Operator’s Payroll and ALL other expenses! Sales are approximately $30,500 per month!

Rent is only $1,650 total per month!

Store is open less than 12 hours a day! Huge opportunity to increase hours and generate more sales!

Minimal competition with only one other store in the area! Seller has not added cigarettes and other tobacco products yet! Huge opportunity to expand the inventory and add an ATM!

Buyer can also add a partition and add a liquor store with only 1 cashier needed for both the vape business and liquor business!

Sellers are having partnership issues and would like to sell.

Average daily traffic count is extremely high at 32,450!

Located in Metro-Birmingham, AL! 1 hr from Tuscaloosa, AL! 2 hrs from Atlanta, GA! 1 hr 30 mins from Montgomery, AL!

Located in a shopping complex near a residential neighborhood! 2 mins from FIVE apartment complexes with over 760 units!

Asking Price for the Business is only $189,000 plus inventory! Inventory is roughly $60,000 at cost.

If interested, please call or text us anytime at (770) 664-9999 or email your full name and best contact number to info@riverbrokers.com


Price : $189,000
Property Type : Business-only
Purpose : Rent
Status : Available
Address : Center Point, AL
State : AL
City : Center Point

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