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River Brokers is the nation’s leading Commercial Real Estate Firm in the Southeast United States. Founded in 1995, this Atlanta-based premier firm has an experienced team of professionals who unfailingly provide clients with optimal results in commercial real estate brokerage, financial advisory, retail, land, and investment services of any size or complexity.

Our real estate base ranges from Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses and private investors. We offer ambitious solutions to our client’s challenges in sales, management, accounting, investment, and risk-assessment. We pride ourselves in representing a wide range of clients, from mom and pop business owners to diversified investment portfolio managers.

With over 24 years of experience, River Brokers is the foremost regional experts of the Southeast United States and the leading specialist firm assessing market conditions for the region.

Our goal is to help our clients realize their capital objectives by commercial real estate means.

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires up to date technology and data to stay competitive. Our tools are here to help clients grow. We have the highest level of research, expertise, and insight. Capitalize on our resources today!

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Buyers, we know, come with all sorts of backgrounds, objectives, skill sets, and resources.  We know our properties and businesses – we don’t know you!  Our best service to you comes with knowing about you.  We seek to provide you with the best alignment (fit) for what you’re looking for in our market. 

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Whether you have a single business or a multi-unit portfolio, there are a number of variables to consider when selling – besides price. The term “exit strategy” is often used to describe the number of moving parts and their connectivity to produce the desired outcome – price is included in the term.

To see what we might add to the process – the “value added” element – contact us for an initial discussion.

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No business is an island!  We enjoy collaborative associations and relationships with many of the functionaries it takes to buy, sell and operate a gas station in the many configurations available.

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“Persistence Carves Mountains”

A river cuts through a mighty mountain not because of its power but because of its persistence.  Here at River Brokers we are committed to your success and we will persist in making the right deal happen for you!

Kavita Purohit, Ph.D.

Senior Partner
General Contractor

Rutvik Emil Dmello

Business Analyst

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