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Cost Segregation. What is Cost Allocation / Segregation?

 Contact for Tax and Insurance and Cost Segregation is the practice of identifying assets and their costs, that qualify for accelerated depreciation for federal tax purposes that reduces income tax liability while increasing cash flow. Moreover, you can contact us for Tax and Insurance.

It’s a lucrative opportunity for commercial property owners to recoup a big chunk of their purchase or construction cost by applying an accelerated depreciation schedule to property usually classified as “real” (Section 1250) -but under improved IRS rulings – can be reclassified as “personal property” (Section 1245).

Ideal for commercial property owners:

  1. That are unable to sell their property and are just sitting on them and it may be a couple of years before they sell them.
  2. That could lose their property to the bank unless we can expeditiously
    make them cash flow positive.

Contact us for Tax and Insurance or more info on it.

Who qualifies:

Any commercial building that has been placed in service since 1986 and the property owner is currently paying taxes or has paid taxes in the last 5 years.

Types of properties:

  • Strip Mall
  • Retail/Restaurant Facility
  • Apartment Building
  • Office Building
  • Golf Course
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Manufacturing Facilities

 Contact for Tax and Insurance R and D Tax Credits: Contact for Tax and Insurance

Definition of R&D and what qualifies according to IRS (Section 41 of IRC): 

If a company has been involved at any stage (from conceptual to commercial production) during the design, development, improvement or testing of any of the following new or improved business then they qualify for the R&D tax Credits (Cash).

  • Products, Processes, Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Automating or streamlining internal processes to improve productivity
  • Reduce cost.
  • Software Specialized Technical / Engineering Techniques
  • Chemical Formulas
  • Inventions or Patents.

The Research and Development Tax Credit is a government-sponsored benefit that provides cash incentives for companies conducting R&D in the U.S. These economic incentives were implemented to stimulate research and development in industries of all sizes, to encourage companies to work together, and to transform the economic landscape.
The Research & Development (R&D) tax credit is for businesses of all sizes, not just major corporations with research labs, and many companies are surprised that they qualify. If you think you must have research labs with white-coated scientists to qualify, think again.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Significant credits/cash backfrom previous 3 open years
  • $1 for $1 reduction on current year’s taxable liability
  • Additional tax savings in the future
  • Unutilized credits are carried back 1 year and then carried forward up to 20 years
  • Increase company assets and value

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Audit

More than 3 out of 4 employers are overcharged on their Workers’ Comp insurance.  We help employers to recover those overcharges and reduce their premiums going forward.  This is regardless of whether your company has had a lot of claims or none at all.

There are over 42 areas that we look at when auditing your Workers’ Comp Premiums.  In addition, our proprietary software is utilized to detect any possible incorrect experience rating or billing miscalculation. We have collectively 70 years of combined experience doing just Work comp audits and we have an “inside knowledge” of the system; there are constant changes in the workers’ compensation industry including rating bureau (state specific and NCCI) rules and regulation changes and policy changes.

We work on a contingency fee basis, receiving a portion of the refunds and credits that we obtain for our clients.

Work comp premiums need to be a minimum of $50,000/year.


IC-DISC  – The Last Surviving Export Incentive

 Contact for Tax and Insurance and The Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) is the last surviving export incentive for US businesses.  Unlike other export incentives that have been repealed due to economic sanctions by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the IC-DISC remains intact and is now more attractive than ever due to currently low dividend tax rates.  The IC-DISC has been in existence since 1984 and has never been challenged by the WTO.

The IC-DISC provides U.S. exporters and their share holders permanent tax savings (20% of net export income).

Any corporation that is involved in exports of over a $1million. We set up and manage the IC-DISC corporation for the client.


 Contact for Tax and Insurance


In addition to selling a business to a third party, another strategy that can be used to create liquidity for the owners of a privately-held business is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). ESOPs are viable options in certain circumstances, depending on what the shareholder(s) are trying to achieve.

We help with the complete set-up and implementation of an ESOP.

These are just a few of the services that are offered by River Brokers.


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